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Wednesday, July 07, 2004

MIT Linux UG Meet

Well this might sound funny to ppl who know me closely. I attended the first UG meet of LINUX (we have Linux as a part of our syllabi)at my college. It was held on 31st July.

One of my college's x-student, who is now teaching us LINUX presided over the meet. Well when asked about who would manage the group, pat came the reply at Devendra (he is a LINUX freako at my college). So he is gonna be d so called president of the group...

Then came d part to choose the person who will make a proper meeting kinda agenda and write it down and share it on d group.. And guess what!!! PPL shouted my name !! :) So from that day onward i knew it was a problem when ur polular in the class!!!!! :)


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