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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm on Microsoft's Academia WebSite

Well after over a month of getting a bag - the Student Ambassador kit - I finally have my profile on Microsoft's Academic Website. I guess lots of good moments in my life are going on as of now :) Thanks to all of you who have given me a wide array of knowledge.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hotmail - More reasons to smile

Well, finally I've something to post. This one is related to Hotmail. One of my buddy just told me that hotmail now allows a DOT(.) in a username.

So I just zoomed off to www.hotmail.com and Signed up for a new account. The email id that I created is shah.hardik@hotmail.com - hardik.shah@hotmail.com already existed :(. Just wondering how many people actually new this - that hotmail now allowed DOT(.) in new accounts signed up.

And BTW if you plan to Sign up - make sure you keep your country setting to "United States of America", the state as "Florida" and the Pin as "33332" to get a 250MB deal. Else you will have to be with a 2MB account.

Not keeping this place updated!

Sorry pals, lately I haven't been getting enough time to update my blog. Its just that I am too busy with my work and hence not getting enough time to write. TechED is comming up at Mumbai on 23, so expect a lot of posting.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

TechED 2005 @ India Underway

After US, it was the time for TechED ’05 to be flagged of at India. It was done in the classic Microsoft style. The venue this time was Bangalore.

I will be there at TechED Mumbai, probably handling the MS Community Stall/The TabletPC stall or the Mobile and Embedded Devices stall. Also in line are demos at DeepDive and Hands-On-Labs.

One intersting thing that MS is doing this year is to have a TechED Blogger's Contest. The best 5 entiries from each city will get a prize. So better blog if you are attending TechED.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

TechED 2005 - Initiated

TechED 2005 was flagged off at Orlando (US) - the keynote address being given my Mr. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft Corp. Some selected sessions at Orlando are available as Webcasts, for all those people who couldnt attend it.

For all those who are in India and want to attent TechED India, can register on the site. TechED India flags off from 14th June at Bangalore.

And before I forget - live RSS feeds for TechED US are avalible from http://techedbloggers.net/

First Hotmail - Now MSN

Another good news on this list. After Hotmail now its turn for MSN to increase the size of mailbox to 250MB!!! Yes - you heard it right - MSN Email id's are now supposed to be having 250MB with 10MB attachment size.. Isnt this cool news!!

BTW just forgot to mention - my MSN Id is now 250MB.. So double bonus :)

Monday, June 06, 2005

PuneITPro - Finally a part of Culminis

Few moments ago - a email in my inbox from Sanjay Shetty, the Executive Director for Culminis APAC, saying that Pune IT Pro UserGroup is now a part of Culminis. I believe its the second only after Chennai to be a part of Culminis APAC For all of you - who don't know whats Culminis is all about, this is from its official page:

Culminis is an international organization representing the culmination of ideas, aspirations, and needs of IT Professionals. By building a partnership between IT Pros and information technology solution providers, Culminis strives to improve the skills, abilities and knowledge of our members along with the technologies they depend on.

At the end of this - a special thanks to Vineet Gupta, Vishal Shirodkar, Anand Deodhar, Dhaval Faria, Sarang Datye and Mahesh Mitkari for their support in bringing PuneITPro to this level. Also needless to say, Manik Ahuja - the guy who helped to setup PuneITPro - a big thanks to him as well!!! Not to forget all the members of PuneITPro - without whom this wouldnt have been possible!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

XML - File Format for the Next Version of Microsoft Office

XML is surely gonna be the next big thing. Not to be left behind, Microsoft said that XML is going to be the default "file format" or extension for the next version of Office. More by, Steven Sinofsky, the Senior Vice President for Office in his interview
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