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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Disabling Tabs in MSN 7.0....

Welll, all fine, when ends fine.. However it didnt happen in my case.. Though I am a fan of MS, I didnt like the TABS on MSN 7.0. Simple because i wouldnt use them..

So came the question of how do I remove it.. After lots of Vivisimo, yahoo and google search, finally found an answer to it.. This is how it works out :

1) Hit Start > Run and fire up regedit

2) Look for the Key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ MSNMessenger \ PerPassportSettings

3) Open all the sections consisting out of a number combination.

4) Select the DWORD DisableTabs (if it is not present, create it by right-clicking, selecting New and then DWORD-value).

5) Double-click it and change its value to 1.

6) Repeat this step for all number combinations.

7) Close and restart MSN Messenger.

Pssst: Before you try this out, make sure you back up ur registry, in case anything goes wrong.. Better Safe then sorry.


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