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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Processor Codenames DE-Coded!!


Tualatin: The last of Pentium 3's. Had an L2 Cache of 512Kb

Williamette: The original edition of P4. Had and L1 cache of 125K and L2 cache of 256K

Northwood: The current P4s are based on this core. Available in two variants - Non-HT 400Mhz and the 533 and 800Mhz version with Hyperthreading. The fasted is P4EE, which has 2mb L3 Cache

Prescott: Originally was suposed to release in 2003. Came in first quater of 2004. A facrication change for the next P4s, starting from P4 Prescott 2.8A to P4EE 3.4 Ghz. The L2 cache is 1Mb


Palomino: The then first Athlon XPs from AMD, ranging from 1500+ to 2100+, where successors to the aging Athlon Thunderbird series.

Thoroughbred: The current Athlons from AMD. Have L1 cache of 128K and L2 of 256K. It was debuted on June 2002, with Athlon XP+

Barton: Last one in Athlon XP range of processors. The first model started with 2800+. Currently available upto 3200+

Hammer: The latest one in desktop and mobile processing market. L2 cache of 512Kb, with a new 940-pin design and 64-bit comupting.

ClawHammer: The scaled down version of Hammer


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