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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hotmail - More reasons to smile

Well, finally I've something to post. This one is related to Hotmail. One of my buddy just told me that hotmail now allows a DOT(.) in a username.

So I just zoomed off to www.hotmail.com and Signed up for a new account. The email id that I created is shah.hardik@hotmail.com - hardik.shah@hotmail.com already existed :(. Just wondering how many people actually new this - that hotmail now allowed DOT(.) in new accounts signed up.

And BTW if you plan to Sign up - make sure you keep your country setting to "United States of America", the state as "Florida" and the Pin as "33332" to get a 250MB deal. Else you will have to be with a 2MB account.


Blogger Geelo said...

By end of August, the storage capacity of your MSN® Hotmail® account will increase at no cost to you. It’s part of our on-going commitment to improve our customers’ experience. Here is some more information about the free upgrade:
Storage capacity will increase from 2MB to 250MB
Upgrade happens automatically---you don’t need to do a thing
Attachment size will increase from 1MB to 10MB

3:35 AM  
Blogger Duke Don Vito said...

Well, hotmail still sucks. It is painfully slow. And I don't see the point of counting Spam messeges towards the storage capacity.

As a result, I can't use my hotmail account at all. Spams of around 150-200k are common for my hotmail account.

The only point to use hotmail was POP forwarding, but gmail beats it hands down.

11:50 AM  

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