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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

GMail Sure Rock.

Well as I had mentioned earlier, I had 4 gmail Invites left. If anyone had gmail and if lucky ones got invites, clickin on the invite button will make a new window appear, where in you can send the invite to ur friends.

Well there is a catch out here. I recently had installed a popup blocker on my machine. It blocks all the popups that come on a website. When I clicked on the invite list, as intended, it blocked the invite window.

But then, Gmail is smarter than a stupid-old popup-blocker (or shall i say GOOGLE), as soon as there was a popup-block notification to gmail, there was this saying on the blocker, "A popup Blocker might have blocked the Invite window, kindly disable it in order to send invites"

Now wasnt that smart enough.. Way to go GOOGLE..


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