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Thursday, October 07, 2004

MSN 7.0 Beta BUGS

Well, I had installed MSN 7.0 Beta on 3rd.. Past two/three days, I have been testing it.. And found quite a few bugs.. Here is a list of them..

  • If someone uses an illegal character and if we try to view that person's chat log, MSN Messenger closes (or may I say Crashed!!!!)

  • When switching between the Message History log and a different window, it says "Connecting..." , and very awkerdly comes in the middle of the LOG!!!!

  • Even if you disable "Nudging" it sometimes emulates receiving a text message but no text is actually received.

  • No Download of extra/more winks, in the sence that you can "Get More" Emotions but not winks

  • Manytimes my contact list randomly faded. (Not sure, if it happened with other users)

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