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Monday, March 21, 2005

intechXication 2005 @ MIT, Pune

Finally, a month long await for intechXication 2005, came to end yesterday. Had a hard time getting sponsors and preparing for the event. Rest apart, was even missing the lectures.

But as hard work pays, so does "faith" in your self. intechXication was a massive hit, with approx 3000 participants from all across the state. Having said that, the sponsors for the event included RedHat (yes, for a change its not Microsoft), Oracle, IBM, HP, Infosys, TCS, Amdocs, BPL Mobile, Philips, VideoCon and Radio Mirchi. Not to forget the ultimate Gamming experinces on ASUS MotherBoards and Graphics Cards.

With prizes ranging from 100,000 in Cash and DVD Players, it was one rocking event. To add to the fun, I won a prize for my project as well. :)

So three cheers to intechXication 2005, and hope intechXication 2006 will bring more joy, openings and move from state-level to National Level.


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