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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Visual Studio 2005 for Unix/Linux Platforms

In a press release today, Micrososft officially announced the much awaited "Whidbey" for Unix/Linux platform.

This ideally was the cause of delay in it release. It was also quoted that Yukon would be ported on Unix platforms as well. Other supported technologies would be Indigo and Avalon. However WinFX would have to wait another year to get ported.

This need for this announcement comes clear, from MS headquatered in Redmond. With modern toolsets and developing apps in both Windows and Unix, and more so - developers using Java (Sun Microsystems), and various other open source langagues which use Java Virtual Machine, will move over to much more Robust and reliable "C#".

It was also quoted by that a part of Longhorn, the next gen OS from Microsoft, will have about 30% , of it made from Unix Kernal.

When, Mr. Bill Gates, the Cheif Software Architect and Founder of Microsoft, was asked to comment on it, he simply said "April Fools!!"


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