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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Flaws in Mac OS X

Over the years, every critic has been after Microsoft for its security flaws. For a change, a independent security firm Secunia, has found flaws in the Mac OS X.

Apple Computer has released its second major security update in as many weeks, fixing 20 bugs in the "Jaguar" version of the Mac OS X operating system. The most serious of the flaws could allow remote attacks.

This week's patch was designed for desktop and server versions of OS X 10.3.9, an update released in mid-April as Apple geared up for the launch of OS X 10.4, nicknamed Tiger.

The flaws patched this week are more serious than those addressed by the April patch, with some of the new bugs allowing remote attackers to run malicious code on a user's system. A buffer overflow in Apache's htdigest program could be triggered via a CGI application to allow remote system compromise, as quoted by Apple


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