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Monday, September 05, 2005

Start.com - Microsoft way for RSS Aggregator

Microsoft recently released the final version on www.start.com. Start.com is like a mix between MyYahoo and the new Google Personalized Homepage. It enables users to subscribe to RSS feeds and it is closely integrated with search.

Start.com is based on the mixture of a few technologies blended into one. Where it sets itself apart is with content. The welcome for RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is cool and start.com does this nicely. With autodetecting RSS feeds when an URL is placed and being able to pull those internally to the page, this is something that is enjoyable. One thing that I personally love is are the favicons (on the top of the page), which is a nice touch.

Overall, it's certainly a more impressive effort than Google's, but there's a long way to go before they can compete against 'real' Web-based RSS Aggregators like Bloglines. With no folder support - it would be diffcult for me to add all my friends RSS feeds. But again with the single background image for the search bar this is something that apeals to the eyes yet doesn't change the entire layout of the page. On the fly processing, the other features are pulled to the page - there is no authentication, no referral, no import nothing.

All I can say is that all start.com stole my heart. Well guys, go ahead and add a webservice which I can consume :) Or may be this is a different type of HomePage Aggregator.


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