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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Teched Academia @ Mumbai

Well Yesterday had been a long day. I was at TechED, the academic version of Tech.ED. Was a real happening event from Microsoft. Got to meet my friends from Microsoft, Kevin, Ashwini, Jani and Sanjay Ofcourse. Also came across Pradeep, who is the driving force behind all the "goodies" that we students get.

Had a long chat with these guys from MS, on the academic initiatives happeining across the globe from MS's point of view. Also when Sanjay, got my name on the stage, lots of Professors from across Pune and Mumbai, interacted with me to start up a .NET Chapter at their respective colleges.

As of now, I am writing this entry sitting at the Speaker's Lounge at Taj Land's End, where the event is actually happening.. Its a break time and what the better thing to do than write the updates for the BLOG!!!!!!


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