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Friday, September 03, 2004

Advocate Meet with Cally Ko

Recently, Cally Ko, the APAC and Greater China, regional director for Microsoft Communities has been travelling across India. She was here at Mumbai yesterday, with good old Abhishek aka. Spiky

So yesterday was a good old run, starting from Morning 8.00 AM, in Sarang's Indica (for a change he took to Disel Car) along with Mahesh, all the way to a Hotel near Gateway of India at Mumbai. We go to the reception and ask for Abhishek. The beautiful lady directs us to room no 409 where Spiky was "hooked up"

Enter room, and not to get shocked, the complete Mumbai UG Commitee was already present, including Akila, Dhaval and Jignesh. So we rest overselves on Abhi's bed with his due permission. After about 60 minitues of "Leg Pulling", every one was kinda hungry. So it was time to ask the "Big Boss" Sanjay Shetty (who hadnt turned up yet cause he wa a bit ill), about a right and nice destination.

So our Ms beautiful Akila, called him up and he said he was on his way to d hotel. And then there was nice lunch at Khyber. What followed up next was a UG meet, where Cally givin a session on the Community Program and Abhishek givin the one on Infopath 2003, the same one which was at Tech.ED 2004.

Following it, was a dinner at Sheesha at Bandra and then back to Pune in Sarang's car..

Phew.. Its right said Pune to Mumbai in 24 hrs.. ;)


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