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Thursday, September 09, 2004

Why is Gmail called the Email for d Geeks???

Everysince I have a Gmail account, I used to wonder.. Why is it called the Email of the Geeks.. Finally two days Ago, I found out the answer..

The 1000 MB did capture everyone's attentetion, however as I can put it, its just a foundation for Google. Every other email provider, then starting givin few 100 MBs of storage space extra - but they still had the folder hierarchy. However in Google, you can apply labels to a mail, as opposed to putting the emails in respective "folders". Once you get used to "labels", folders will feel primitive.. This technology was around, but Google was the first to Implement it - Score one for Gmail.

Gmail interface is one huge 250KB JavaScript file. Sign-in and wait, while this downloads. Once its on the comp, the interface is blazing and rocking. The Jscript proces all the click right from ur computer, instead of gettin back to the server.. The only time it goes to the server is for the e-mail contents. In contrast to this, almost all Web-mail apps force a full page reload.

The fast-text only interface + cutting edge organizational model topped with "Invite Only" exclusivity, it has all the contents for a perfect recipe for GEEKS email id...

PS: Where did I get to know all this. Thanks to my fav tech mag called "DIGIT"


Blogger Ritesh said...

Actually the invite only was the main reason for its popularity. But its true that without the JavaScript based look and feel AND the 1 GB offer, just making it exclusive wouldn't have helped.

Basically, Gmail helped in waking up the old Email-providers. Survival of the fittest. Wake up dudes and innovate!!

10:00 PM  
Blogger Ritesh said...

Btw, did you use the filters at Gmail? They are quite powerful and really good!

I dunno if other email services has similar filters.

12:24 AM  

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