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Friday, October 22, 2004

Navrati @ Falguni Pathak, Mumbai

My Exams are commin up from 27th of this month.. Past few days, were too hectic for me, due to submissions and then the tensions of gearing up for the exams.

However, taking a break from the "bored" routine, I came back to my Home Town, Mumbai on Thursday. So past two days, evenings (read: Nights), have been fun playin Dandiya and Garba till 0000 hrs, at Mumbai's Navrati Hotspot, SANKALP, NSE Grounds, Goregaon. This the the place where I was pitted past 6 years for all the 10 days. Thankfully the Government had relaxed the timings for last two days for Navrati and I could enjoy the complete fun.

BTW its Falguni Pathak, the Dandiya Queen who takes all the show away at Sankalp


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